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Hachiko Dog's Story Full Movie Download

The movie is great and so emotional! I still cry every time I see it. ? The movie is, however, not a documentary so Hollywood have probably made some small changes to the story and not pictured the persons exactly right. I agree, Hachi is the perfect example of the pure heart and love that dogs have towards humans and their owners.

hachiko dog's story full movie download

Wow, I also have a birthday this month and will be 64. I never knew about this movie or the story. I got up early this morning about 5am, and only caught the last half hour after the master had already died, and was intrequed and saddened by it. I want to see it from the beginning so I check our TV listing and see that it will be showing again on next Sunday evening the 4/15. Lord willing I will be watching it. We lost our dog Rambo a couple of years ago, he died 10 years to the day he was born in. I am a huge animal lover, especially dogs.

Really a cried a lot. This movie reminds me my pet pinky who is no more. It makes me feel like dogs are the most faithful towards their loved ones. He is been a best companion for the professor. I wanna make pet like this. ? . Thanks for the article though. It explains the true story of hachi !!!

A great story about a loyal, fathful dog. I watched the movie with Richard Gere and loved it and yes I cried but it reminded me of my Star. Star a black lab, born in 2005 and came to live with me in 2009. Belonged to my neighbor but always wanted to be with me. Given to me in May 2009. Past away in 2013 from cancer and I still talk to her every day. I still put flowers on her grave at least once a month.

I just watched the movie an it stole my heart , i cried! I did some research an read the story an seen some pictures an again it broke my heart. This story will always be with me, rest in peace faithfull one?

This movie reminds me of white calf we had. he was supposed to go some another place but he had always returned in the midnight several times. finally we again kept him. he was like whitest thing. I liked that innocent calf he even leaved his mother(cow) to stay with us. it was the famous story in neighbourhood 15 yrs ago.

Thank you so much for the detail information on Hachiko. I visited this place on Oct 17, 2017. The story of Akita dog, the movies, the photographs makes one aware the intensity of faithfulness and loyalty!

Its a very special heart warming story of a dog. Its one of those kind of movies which will make you fall in love with a dog and make you cry even thinking about the poor Hachi. That sort of impact is left after watching the movie and learning the story of Hachi. This is an all time favourite dog movie for me..

Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom is the perfect choice to be at the helm of this immensely appealing tale of the extraordinary devotion of a dog to his beloved human companion. The screenplay by Stephen P. Lindsey is based on a 1987 movie that recreated one of the most loved stories in Japanese history.

I am unsure how to embed video on this blog so here is a link. As an akita owner I am HUGELY conflicted about this movie coming out. (I should say again -the original was made in Japan with english subtitles of which I have a copy) It looks like they did a beautiful job on it. I just worry that it will create a demand for them and they simply are not the dog for everyone. Akitas rescues are always full as it is. Check any of them out for yourself. The dog in the movie is stunning and I fear there will be morons out there looking to cash in on the movies popularity and begin back yard breeding ventures. (heck some probably already are sad to say) I just hope like hell they have something in the beginning of the movie stating something about the breed not being for everyone. I do TRY to be an optimist.

Parents need to know that Hachi: A Dog's Tale is the story of great love and respect between a college professor and the puppy he rescues on a snowy night. It's a very gentle film that quickly engages the audience as it introduces a heroic dog, a man with a loving heart, and an idyllic setting. That engagement intensifies emotions, which later carry the story through the years to its bittersweet conclusion. The movie is based the story of a dog who lived in Japan in the 1930s; a statue of the real Hachi remains in the Shibuya train station there. Spoiler alert: A major character dies, which is heartbreaking and likely to upset most kids and parents. Though the film has a "G" rating, it's best for kids who are comfortable with very sad events -- including death -- and the grief that accompanies those events.

Like a Zen meditation, this movie has a calm pace that soothes viewers. That is, until tragedy occurs and Hachi's true colors shine through. The story of the real Hachi in 1930s Japan has been relocated by director Lasse Hallstrom to the United States in the 21st century. That keeps the story relatable for modern, English-speaking audiences. Long recognized for his ability to bring emotion and conviction to his films, Hallstrom truly captures this dog's-eye view of life. The leisurely pace and the gracefully portrayed passage of time and the dog's maturation combine with the beautiful settings and natural performances to make this a memorable film. However, be prepared to shed a tear and perhaps deal with younger audience members' sensibilities.


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