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Rescuer Cowboy By Mia Brody ##HOT##

Meet the Courage County Warriors, the complete 3-book collection from Mia Brody about military veterans who have returned from their duties. These strong cowboy protectors have proudly defended their country and now they're proudly defending their curvy women.

Rescuer Cowboy by Mia Brody

After graduating from Glasgow High School, he attended MSU Bozeman for two non-consecutive quarters and decided that the cowboy way of life was for him. In 1974 he married Nina Ewing and with this union, his daughter Kathryn was born. During these years, Monte worked on ranches from the red desert of Wyoming to the Canadian Border and always had a job at the Cornwell Ranch. He also partnered with Sherm Ewing, running cattle all the way from Hardin to Browning.

Monte will be remembered as a family man, story teller, an old school real stockman, and cowboy. He was humble, dedicated, and methodical. Monte never believed in taking shortcuts in life, always electing to do things the right way. He raised four wonderful children and was very proud of each of them. Monte was blessed with five grandkids, they were the light of his life. He will be dearly missed, but we will continue to see his presence in the cattle herd he built and the lessons he taught us. When Monte was diagnosed with cancer, rather than asking for prayers for himself he asked everyone to pray for rain.

The last of the old-time cowboys branded his last calf, saddled his horse and rode into heaven on August 31, 2021 at the age of 100 yrs. Jack W. Nickels of Ft. Peck was born September 24, 1920 to Herman J Nickels and Lydia (Meyers) Nickels. He was brought up in northern McCone County where he lived all his life. He lived during a time before barbed wire- when he would ride for several days to gather the family cattle each autumn. His horsemanship earned him a second place Bronc Riding in 1942. Jack served in World War II as a U.S. Marine stationed in the South Pacific with the 3rd Amphibious Division. 041b061a72


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