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Silent Heroes Elite Troops Of World War II Latest Version

Essentially, this game follows a WWII RTS by-the-numbers design. It perfectly follows the template established by Pyro Studios' Commandos series back in 1998. The only difference is that instead of guiding a small force of plucky Yanks and Brits against carefully placed Axis guards, here you guide a small force of plucky Russian soldiers against enemy forces that at times seem to encompass the entire German army. The gameplay leans more toward Rambo than realism. This fact is emphasized from the very first mission, when you send just three of your "elite troops" to blow up a Nazi ammo depot guarded by about 100 of Hitler's finest, a few half-tracks with machine guns mounted on their roofs, an antitank gun, and a bunch of Panzer tanks. You later get to control as many as five and six soldiers per assignment, but both enemy numbers and firepower scale dramatically upward so that you are always facing impossible, Hollywood-style odds. Every mission seems loaded with enemy armor. Don't even consider taking this one on unless you have an extraordinarily high tolerance for loading saves or have a lot of experience with WWII squad-combat games (a recommendation further underlined by the absence of a tutorial in both the game and the PDF manual).

Silent Heroes Elite Troops of World War II latest version

Other features are about what you would expect from such a budget game. There are no multiplayer modes at all. Once you've wrapped up the 10-mission solo campaign, you're done. The game frequently crashes to the desktop while loading a save. The look and sound are fairly average. Graphics are quite nice for the most part, featuring realistic vehicles and buildings that look like they've really been through a war. But the maps are somewhat jaggy, and all rely on repetitive Western European terrain (farms, copses, muddy dirt roads, and so on) that has been featured in dozens of WWII games. Audio is similarly limited. Just a single voice actor seems to provide all the lines for your troops, which means that your lone female Russian sniper is voiced by a man. All of these lines are also shouted at full volume, so apparently these heroes don't have to be too silent. However, battle effects themselves are suitably bombastic. When you wrap up a tank battle, you really feel like you've wrapped up a tank battle.


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