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Bachelor Degree In Biology

A bachelor's in biology is a four-year degree that prepares graduates for entry-level jobs in careers such as zoologist, wildlife biologist, biological technician, and microbiologist. Students in accelerated online bachelor's in biology programs may be able to finish in as little as three years, allowing them to start their careers one year sooner.

bachelor degree in biology

To determine whether this online bachelor's is worth the cost, you should consider both the cost of the program and the salary you expect to receive after graduation. If you plan to use your biology degree as a stepping stone to a more advanced degree, consider the cost of both degrees. How long will it take you to earn back the investment in your education?

A bachelor's in biology can help qualify you for jobs such as clinical laboratory technologist, elementary school teacher, biological technician, zoologist, wildlife biologist, or microbiologist. The median salary for these jobs ranges from $46,340 per year for a biological technician to $84,400 for a microbiologist.

Many students who earn a bachelor's degree in biology opt to continue their education. Some earn nursing degrees in order to become registered nurses, while others go on to medical school. Those who want to teach at the postsecondary level typically need a Ph.D. in biology.

According to the BLS, the demand for many careers that require a biology degree is near the national average for all jobs. Additionally, a bachelor's in biology can be the first step toward a Ph.D. in biology, which could lead to a career as a postsecondary biology professor.

Graduates with a bachelor's in biology may go on to work in many roles, including as clinical laboratory technologists and technicians (earning a median wage of $54,180 per year), elementary school teachers ($60,660 per year), biological technicians ($46,340 per year), zoologists and wildlife biologists ( $66,350 per year), or microbiologists ($84,400 per year).

Those who choose to continue their education by earning nursing credentials can earn a median salary of $75,330 per year as registered nurses. Bachelor's in biology graduates may also choose to get more education in order to become postsecondary biological teachers ($85,600 per year), medical scientists ($91,510 per year), or physicians (more than $208,000 per year).

The highest-paying jobs for individuals with a bachelor's in biology without an advanced degree are microbiologists, who earn a median salary of $84,400 per year. If you want to make more than that, you may need to go back to school to earn an advanced degree.

With an advanced degree, you could become a physician and earn more than $200,000 per year. Other high-paying careers for biology majors with advanced degrees include dentist (median $164,010 per year) and pharmacist ($128,710 per year).

The typical bachelor's in biology program requires about 120 credits, whether taken online or in person. Most programs take four years to complete, although accelerated programs may be completed more quickly. Bachelor's in biology students usually complete about 40-60 credits of biology classes, with the remaining credits dedicated to electives and general education courses. Depending on the school, there may be concentrations available, allowing students to specialize in a specific aspect of biology.

While most schools offer a bachelor of science (BS) in biology, some offer a bachelor of arts (BA). A BS program may appeal to students who plan to pursue a career in science, while a BA program might make more sense for students who plan to work in law, healthcare, or education. However, students who earn either type of degree can pursue employment in a variety of fields.

A bachelor's in biology program typically requires several labs. If you are earning an online bachelor's in biology, check to see how your school handles these labs. Some schools, such as Arizona State University, require online bachelor's in biology students to attend some labs in person.

FIU offers a BA in biological sciences with a customizable curriculum. The 120-credit program runs fully online. Learners complete general education requirements and receive training in core biology areas like genetics and ecology.

UF-Online's BA in biology provides an interdisciplinary curriculum. The program's broad focus prepares students for careers in a variety of fields such as education and allied health. The BA does not suit students planning to attend medical or other professional schools.

Chesterfield, Missouri-based Logan specializes in health sciences undergraduate and graduate programs. The school's online BS in human biology prepares enrollees for healthcare or science-related fields. Students can complete a traditional four-year program or an accelerated track.

The major explores subjects such as cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, and organic chemistry. Logan charges affordable tuition. Students pay even less tuition for the online bachelor's in biology with merit-based scholarships. Admission requires a minimum 2.0 high school GPA and SAT or ACT scores.

OU develops online programs such as the BS in biology with nontraditional learners in mind. The program covers fundamental concepts in biology. Learners also explore interdisciplinary issues. They examine the real-world applications of biological processes across industries.

OU lets students transfer up to 80 credits into the online bachelor's in biology program. The school's student success team provides help with admissions, academic, and financial advising. Prospective students submit all high school and college transcripts.

WSU's BS in biology features a fully online degree-completion curriculum. Students must transfer the degree's science courses from outside WSU's global campus. The program includes a broad curriculum in the biological sciences. Enrollees study a variety of biological fields, including genetics and evolutionary biology.

Students learn research design and analysis methodologies. They also explore how to write professional communications in biology. Enrollees receive free online professional tutoring in biology. Admission to this bachelor's in biology program requires at least 27 credits and a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Students choose a concentration in biology and society; conservation biology and ecology; or genetics, cell, and developmental biology. The accelerated program lets students complete a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years.

LIFE, a Marietta, Georgia-based chiropractic college, offers an online BS in biology. The school emphasizes small-group work and personalized learning. The major explores areas such as cell biology, microbiology, and biochemistry. Learners study immunology and disease patterns.

A course examines real-world experiments and requires that students design their own. All enrollees pay the same tuition regardless of residency. Admission to the online bachelor's in biology requires a high school or GED diploma.

UArizona runs an online college with degrees such as the BS in biology. The bachelor's in biology meets UArizona's med school requirements. The customizable 120-credit degree requires general education classes. The major explores topics such as evolutionary biology, genetics, and the foundations of biochemistry.

The biomedical sciences emphasis attracts students interested in medicine, biomedical research, and related fields. Students interested in pursuing careers as educators of biologists choose the organismal biology emphasis.

These courses introduce many subsets of biology, such as microbiology, zoology, botany, and cytology. Students learn about the scientific method, evolution, taxonomy, and genetics. They also learn about energy transfer, cell structure, and reproduction.

According to the BLS, many careers that require a bachelor's in biology are projected to grow in the coming years. For example, microbiologist, zoologist, and wildlife biologist positions are projected to grow by 5% from 2020-2030, while biological technicians are projected to see 7% growth.

As of 2018, there were almost 3 million people working in the field of biology, and the median salary for those workers was about $65,000. Of those professionals, about 69% worked in a job that required at least a bachelor's degree and 59% had an advanced degree.

Common careers for people with a bachelor's in biology are clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, registered nurses, and primary school teachers. People with biology degrees often work in government, scientific research, healthcare, or education.

According to the BLS, 59% of workers with a biology degree also hold an advanced degree. One reason for this is that biology is a popular major for those who plan to attend medical school. Many of the required courses for a biology major align with the prerequisites for getting into med school.

Common professions for biology majors that require advanced degrees are postsecondary health teacher, medical scientist, physician, dentist, and pharmacist. Nursing is another popular career choice for biology majors. This career choice requires additional training and a registered nurse license.

Students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology. An associate degree includes basic coursework to prepare individuals for entry-level careers as technicians and assistants, while bachelor's and master's degrees cover advanced information applicable to roles as teachers and technologists. Biochemists typically need doctorates, while physicians require additional medical training on top of the degree.

Most associate degrees include two years of coursework. Students take classes in fundamentals of biology, chemistry, and related disciplines, along with courses in communication, mathematics, and English. Learners develop research skills and gain insights into laboratory activities, practices, and protocols.

With an associate degree in biology, individuals can work as veterinarian technicians, laboratory assistants, and clinical research assistants. Additional roles include pharmaceutical and medical sales representative and medical assistant. 041b061a72


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