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Spam attacks are constantly evolving. For instance, many spammers are now beginning to use proxy servers to hide their IP addresses. And the vast majority of spammers are now launching their attacks from compromised computers. Not only does this affect how anti-spam software approaches spam detection, but also how spammers use the Internet.

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Spam hacker's primary objective is to mine valuable information from a computer system. The most valuable resource on the Internet, particularly on the World Wide Web, is information. Therefore it shouldn't be surprising that spammers have "hacked" into the public's computers in order to steal information. In fact, spammers are busily at work, making use of information that is either publicly available or that has recently been obtained through more conventional methods, such as phishing.

Spam-blocking software generally consists of two parts: a client (e.g., a mail server) and a virus scanner. A virus scanner is basically a program that looks at email messages and is able to identify if the email message is spam or not. The best virus scanners are able to identify 99% of all spam messages that come across their scanner. Unfortunately, the remaining 1% of spam messages are still very annoying, and might prove damaging to a user's computer system. Spam-blocking software must be able to scan every file that enters the computer system, in order to ensure that the spam-blocking software is able to identify every single spam email that gets sent to a user of that computer system.

In my career as a spam fighter, I've seen many different anti-spam schemes in action. Recently I've become interested in how some of the attacks work against the PC and the people behind them. To gain some insight I've started looking in the web for people who are able to get black hats to perform attacks for them. It's a lot of fun to see how they think, and how they do their work. I've also started to look for some of the methods that they use to carry out their attacks.


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