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Vengeance Minimal House Vol 2.rar

Vengeance Minimal House vol 2.rar

If you are looking for a sample pack that contains more than 2400 minimal sounds, including almost 2000 one-shot samples, clean minimal kicks, crystal clear hi-hats, brutally-deep percussion, perfect minimal loops, and FX uplifters that spiral up to dizzying heights, then you might be interested in Vengeance Minimal House vol 2.rar. This is a compressed file that contains the second volume of the Vengeance Minimal House series, created by the master producer Andy Hinz, who also made Vengeance Dirty Electro. This sample pack is a true masterpiece for any minimal house producer, as it offers a wide range of sounds that can be used for various electronic music genres.

Vengeance Minimal House vol 2.rar is available for download at, where you can also find other Vengeance products, such as Vengeance Effects Vol 3, Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger, and Nexus Hollywood 3 Epic Collection XP. You can also listen to a demo of the sample pack on SoundCloud or watch a video on YouTube to get a taste of what it sounds like. The sample pack is compatible with most DAWs and samplers, and it includes pre-shifted snares and claps, as well as tonal kicks with the root key in the file name for ease of use.

Vengeance Minimal House vol 2.rar

Vengeance Minimal House vol 2.rar is a must-have for any minimal house fan, as it provides high-quality sounds that can enhance your productions and inspire your creativity. Whether you want to create a deep and dark minimal groove, a funky and catchy minimal hook, or a hypnotic and atmospheric minimal ambient, you will find everything you need in this sample pack. So don't hesitate and get your copy of Vengeance Minimal House vol 2.rar today!


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