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Canva & Blender Assets Description 

Each Cub will stand on a extruded plane to represent their own individual demesnes. These pieces of land are represented by Sand, Snow, Grass and Water. To compliment the snow you will find a nicely rendered snowman and to help drift in the water the Cub stands on a floating crate. We have adjusted the images to restore a natural scene with trees and even a Pyramid. 

You will notice that each cheetah cub is wearing a blindfold. This particular attribute represents the natural birth of a cheetah where they are born with their eyes closed for up to eleven days. This part of their characteristics creates a issue for cubs reaching adulthood. In the wild only five percent of cubs make it to adulthood. This element of their life grows similar to those of today’s youth as they journey through the world we live in today. In the eyes that race is only a figment of our imagination there are a few different colors for the Cheetah cubs. 

The background are elements found on a purchased application called Canva. There are a total of ten different backgrounds that we have chosen and given our own names to represent what we seen in them. There’s also a background in which we pay homage to a recently released film.

There are a few rare items found in the that will be found including a Jet Pack, VR Goggles a few others and even a Halo we through in to bring out the Cubs a little. 

We are still fairly new to Blender and chose this platform after being offered a class through another project. We began using in February of 2022. 

Created Assets: 

Both the Cub and Adult Cheetah have gone through multiple phases of development where we had to be coached on the movements and abilities of this application by the owner of Venteo Jewelry. His class is originally used to create jewelry, but the tools used are similar to those for constructing full body images. Our Cheetah was originally drawn in 2D. Blender allows you to add low poly images that can be smoothed out to fit the mold of your creation. Through this process we molded both characters with the utmost help from our teacher and Blender Mentor over at Venteo. As noticed the Adult image has a texture that is fully recognizable for our specific animal. These textures allow the character to take life. For the alternative colors we did not use the above template we simply downloaded colorful prints that both I and the girls agreed on especially the rainbow. That was a collective choice. 

The ‘Raka Cuban’ was a piece made while in the Venteo class through his use of tools and add-on applications in Blender. The chain was made fairly quickly because we already had the Head of the Cheetah. After separation from the body and filling the space we were good to go! 

The Halo was made using a circular plane. 

The Ground in which the Cheetah is standing on is a circular plane with upward extrusion to give it a realistic look of hills. This image was first used to make just one foundation but Blender allows you to change the texture based on a .png. Therefore the snow, sand and water all sit on the same plane as the grass but the chosen .png gives it that realistic look. 

Downloaded Content:

Each background image was chosen from our paid application use of Canva. There are infinite numbers of backgrounds we could have chosen but these are what we selected from the use of our imagination. 

Other images that we figured would be easier to use as rare items were downloaded from free platforms. These specific assets are seen throughout the collection but we did not make it as often seeing that we did not create them on our own. The use of these downloadable assets was made purely out of our imagination. They include a VR-Headset and a Jet-Pack. 

Details of Our Artwork : Description and details of Blender Assets
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