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It’s about the Journey not the Destination!

(Introducing Web3 Platforms to Youth Programs centered in Web2)

🔐 Pushing the concept that this NFT is leveraging the profits to help nonprofits that work on multiple platforms together to create a organic platform for Building Lives! We will venture into the Metaverse soon. This project plans to make information about changing your lifestyle for the better accessible. This will be done through our connections with organizations working in sectors of youth development through sport and or mentoring programs.

Hidden Traditions NFT: Welcome

All About The Project

Hidden Tradition NFT is a project created by myself and my two daughters who are currently attending college. Each image is derived from ‘Chitraka’, an original character hand-drawn and later colored using online applications. We then took this hand drawn image and completed a 3D Model using Blender. The name "Cheetah" comes from a Hindi word meaning "spotted one" or from the Sanskrit word "chitraka".

We have also introduced the ‘Spirit Animal’ that will appear in most if not all of the HTNFTs which are free downloads accredited to secure internet platform. The animals for this Collection are: 

Swan, Spider Monkey, Snake, Frog, Macaw

Each Animal will depict meaning to the project and having that interpersonal concept that adds to the uniqueness of your HTNFT. This information will pertain to the hidden secrets they use to survive and include our pure imagination. 

Hidden Traditions NFT: About Us

Where’s the money going? 

We intend to evolve our project with the introduction of more concepts in the future where we will continue to donate portions of the proceeds to Nonprofit Organizations breaking barriers on multiple platforms. Particular sections that we intend to impact on are Youth Development Programs in Sports, Mentoring and Mental Health Awareness. 

Hidden Traditions NFT: Donations and Direction


We have decided to bring on the cubs because we have not seen projects show the growth of their characters. In most cases we only see growth in the project or brand. I’m goin to do both. I have a surprise mint of 950cubs coming on August 26th! 

The purpose of this Collection is to help build liquidity for our Projects. The allocation of this project is no different from the larger collection with its donation to a nonprofit. We also are aiming to create a budget through this mint to build a project management team. 

With the completion of our team and functionality of our discord we will then use the funds to Market the larger collection and provide giveaways to our holders. 

We also are dabbing with the idea of purchasing land to have Comedy Shows and other Events for our holders to have access to. 

Hidden Traditions NFT: Project Updates

Raka Cub Collection 

We will be hosting a Mint Party on Twitter August 26th. Beginning at 8am CST!! We hope to see you there


Join us in

We are journeying into the metavers using Th given link will grant you access to our space. We greatly appreciate your commitment to our brand. We are always welcome to collaborate. 

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